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The rants of another disgruntled searcher? Or was this the actual location of the Chest?
I know everyone thinks that they have the poem figured out,,,my proof will lead you to the spot. WWWH is the start,,science says warm waters stop at 45degrees,,,45 degrees is the Wyoming/montana line,,,coincidentally the boiling river in Wyoming, changes its name at the border and becomes the gardener river,,,if you take the canyon down and put in below the home of Brown,,,there are 3 homes of Brown located in this canyon,,the first is Joe Brown Put In,,for boaters, the 2nd is located just outside of Pray Montana, and is the location where Brown trout were introduced in 1860, otherwise known as Loch Loven Browns,,the third is located east by southeast of Pray and it is the Brown Ranch,,you would have to hike in to see the small sign that indicates its location, but there it is there. Next you will travel north and then to the east,,from the town of Pray,,,staying close to the mountain range as you travel you will come to the town of NYE. If you travel or hike in this area you will discover that there is Old Nye and Nye. IF YOU ARE WISE YOU WILL FIND THE BLAZE,,,there is a Mount Wilse located at the southern canyon from NYE,,,Mount Wilse is named for a Norwegian surveyor, and it is pronounced WISAH,,which is Norwegian for wisdom or to be wise,,,while your at Wilse, there are several clues from the book that can be defined by mountains in the immediate area,,,SOMETIMES ITS WISE FOR THE FOX TO BE A HOUND, from his book,,,Mount Fox, Mt. Wilse, and Mt. Wolf are all together in a connected ridge,,No place for Biddies,,originally led me to think of a Hag or old Hag,,,Mt. Hague is due north from Mt. Wilse, and there is a blaze that stands out when viewing Hague from Wilse,,,this blaze has 2 large rocks just uphill from the small lake of apooash,,a Indian chief,,the rocks sit at an elevation of 10,196,,,fenn said between 5000 and 10200. But I've gotten ahead of myself here,,,,from Nye you travel up Stillwater creek,,,there are heavy loads due to the Stillwater mine, which is the largest producer of platinum and palladium in the U.S. RICHES NEW AND OLD,,,stillwater mine is located in Old Nye,,,Stillwater creek could never be paddled, there is a trailhead with a beautiful hiking trail named Sioux Charlie,,and 4.5 miles in from the parking lot, is a U.S.G.S. survey marker on the trail, stamped 1939, which is when it was placed there. This could also be considered a blaze, as it is a trail marker. Fenn said his church is in the mountains,,,if you are standing at Mt. WILSE and look northwest, you will see that theres another mountain named Cathedral Point, and it also has a unique blaze on its face,,,HIGH WATERS, Flood creek comes down the canyon beside Cathderal point and joins Stillwater creek,,,Cathedral point is about 5 miles in from the parking lot at Sioux Charlie, a very easy to moderate hiking trail. In Fenns book he took a picture of his shadow in a golden colored creek,,,I also took a picture of my shadow in what i believe is the exact creek, due to the colors of the rock. I will share some of my pics later. So there are my reasons for driving 1989 miles one way, to search for the chest, as I now live back east. With all of these clues I still had more questions not answered,,what is the significance of the word TARRY, what is the book reference of gypsy magic, fenn also said THE TREASURE LIES IN BLACK SKIES AND BY BLUE WATERS,, this was in an interview he gave,,,he also said ONLY THE PHANTOM KNOWS,,, in my hike and search for an easier route to Mt. Hague and Wilse, I discovered some beautiful country. I originally thought that NO PLACE FOR THE MEEK, was a general reference, as it is rugged and known for its large population of grizzlies,,, although this is true, there are more clues as Fenn the architect as I call him, placed strategically. My search of Cathderal was plausible as there is a mountain immediately located next to it named Two Sisters,,,fenn said 2 CAN KEEP A SECRET,,,I thought about 2 sisters keeping secrets, and then I went back to the 2 rocks on Mt. HAGUE,,,but what about this TARRY thing? And then i learned some very important clues were hidden in the book, specifically in the random date stamps,,some of the stamps have 039 on them and most do not, I noticed that if I used only the stamps with the 039, and also noted the page numbers, I had a partial longitude and latitude coordinate,,,but not complete,,,,what was I missing,,the crucial 45 degrees latitude,,,after I input these onto google earth pro, I was surprised to see that what I had deciphered, actually plotted out a giant F on the map,,,how could these totally random numbers that originated from dates and page numbers make an F? The answer is the architect,,,,Fenn signs all of his emails F,, surely this was more than a coincedence,,,,so now armed with this F, which actually was a F with the middle part exaggerated substantially to the left, I looked over my maps and researched google earth, and discovered another clue that led me to a website,,,www.sophiola.com,,,i learned of a young lady, that is about 17 years old, my guess, she has an art gallery, she is special needs, she is someones granddaughter, and her passion is art and butterflies. Fenn said SOMETIMES BUTTERFLYS ARE FLUTTERBYS. Coincidence here is Sophie's gallery is selling a beautiful painting that she made, named BUTTERFLY TARRY. how does this fit? Did you know that a BIDDIE is a type of Butterfly? How about this,,,as you follow rosebud creek up the canyon, you end up at Mystic Dam,,HEAVY electric LOADS, AND WATER HIGH,,,did you know that PHANTOM CREEK is formed by Mystic Lake? The Phantom Knows. But what of this black skies and blue water quote? Another clue solved,,,there are 2 mountains named Black Butte, and in between these 2 mountains lies Emerald lake,,,BLUE WATERS,,,directly in between the 2 Black Buttes is Pyramid Mountain. Fenn also said in his book,,,THAT HE WAS RIDING HIS HORSE LIGHTNING, AND BECAME SADDLE SORE, SO HE MOVED BEHIND THE SADDLE,,,,not an exact quote, but BEHIND THE SADDLE,,,or Saddleback Mountain, which is just east of Emerald lake,,,,all of this journey is contained within the Beartooth Range,,,and for the most part in a 8x8 mile area. Once you have reached NYE anyway. What about the TITLE to the Gold? When you need to get a title for something you goto the courthouse,, Courthouse Mountain sits next to Mt. WILSE. But what about the butterfly thing,,,,,and where is the treasure,,,,,I found the butterfly, and also discovered a heart made of stones on this mountain,,,,something i said to Fenn,,,You are a butterfly with a heart of stone. That's all I can say for now,,,but my "solve" covers every clue, and it coincides with other clues from the book, such as fenn saying that the horse ride he made with Donnie, brought them about 50 miles from home and they saw the biggest mountain they had ever seen,,,Granite Mountain is the tallest in the Beartooth range, and sits in the edge of all the mountains I mentioned.

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Are you making a difference in this world?
After the loss of a very close, lifelong friend I thought about what my legacy would be.  What am I doing to enrich the world just a tiny bit?
Very few people would tell you that they need to work less and make less money. People always tend to live just above their actual income level.  If you think you’re struggling with life, you should know there are others in lower AND higher socioeconomic classes that would trade places with you in a heartbeat.
Is there a way to leave a legacy?  Yes….volunteering!  People who ask me about my personal experience often tell me they have zero extra hours a week. I guarantee you, EVERYONE has a few extra hours per week; it’s all about time management.
In your town, there are lots of opportunities to help. There is probably a Meals on Wheels program nearby. Delivering meals to senior citizens for just a few hours, one day a week is a much needed service.
In my city, there are food banks that are always looking for a little extra help. You can also help by donating canned food to the food bank.
Schools are always looking for volunteers to help students who might be struggling with a subject and would otherwise be left behind. If you can read or do simple math, you can help.
Most local law enforcement agencies have a volunteer program where you can help taking phone calls, helping people fill out forms or even checking on the homes of people on vacation.
Do you have a special skill in your in your career that might be of use elsewhere?  My last job in law enforcement was working a police K-9.  I trained my dog daily and helped other handlers train theirs. It was a pretty easy fit when I volunteered at a local animal shelter working with dogs. The greatest feeling I’ve experienced in many years was when a local radio personality adopted a dog I had been training and posted his experience on social media. He posted a video of the dog walking very nicely on a leash…..that was all me!!
Helping less fortunate humans and animals leaves a warm fuzzy feeling that lasts; not only with you but with the human or animal you’re helping.
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60th Birthday Thoughts

It’s not hard to reflect on one’s life on their 60th birthday. Didn’t think I’d make it to 30 let alone 60?

So, as I sit here with my coffee and my cat, I thought I’d bang out some of my thoughts. Some things I’ve learned over the years.
As a young man, my pathway led to a career in Radio. I loved it as a kid. Spent many a Friday night with my “Realistic” 9 volt radio to my ear. Though that radio, I grew up listening to some of the greatest radio talents and some of the greatest music of all time. Never knowing then, that radio had a plan for me.

In this storied field, I have had so many incredible experiences. I’ve drank Whiskey right from the bottle backstage with Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas. I did stand up comedy opening up for Jackson Browne. Hell, I even went bowling with Weird Al!
Accomplishments were many. I was too young to realize and appreciate them back then.

Turning this milestone birthday and reflecting back on life begs the question… what is my legacy?

It’s really pretty simple. It has nothing to do with your job and your accomplishments. It has everything to do with your Family. Money and material things will come and go. My legacy is the life I have created with my wife. We have been married for 28 years. We have three grown children. We have two beautiful, healthy grandsons. At this point in my life, their happiness is all that matters to me.
I have many friends, but few I call close. As I believe it should be. Want to know how many friends you really have? Just count the ones that would help you move. Be very thankful for those!
Life was going pretty much as planned when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It always happens to someone else, right? It was hell. But I learned a lot. Here’s what I learned.

When you have Cancer, you will begin a journey that only you can go on. Oh sure, your loved ones will be there for you, but you’re the only one who ultimately will be on the operating table. Or in Chemo. Or in radiation.

You need to have a support group. Be it friends, Family or even strangers in a group setting. Cancer not only ravages your body, it really fucks with your mind. It will make you question your very existence. Before my surgery I had a mantra of “I got this!” I found out quickly… I didn’t.
It was at that point I thought I would gladly give up my life so that no child should ever have to go through this uncaring, indiscriminate disease.

I learned that I could not have gotten through this horrendous time in my life without my wife, Teresa. She was my rock.
I had a very close friend from High School who sent me funny jokes or a song or whatever crossed his mind to try and make me smile. Not just two or three times… every single day for two months! If that’s not the true definition of love and friendship… I don’t know what is? I hope you have this in your life.

I swore that if there ever came a time when a friend with Cancer called on me for help… I would always be there. No on should ever go through this alone. It’s impossible.

I promised that I would bounce back. I would beat Cancer and be better and stronger than ever.

I’ve saved these for last. This is what I would like to pass on to you.
Pursue your dreams but remember… Dreams are just ideas without commitment. Oh and your dreams will come up against challenges. Stay committed!

Hard work does pay off! It may seem like it’s taking forever, but it will happen at exactly the right time in your life.

And finally, learn to stay in the moment. Recognize it as a moment and stay in it as long as it naturally lasts. 

Want to know the secret to a happy life? It’s “Living in the moment!”

Thanks for reading!

Lou Gallagher

<![CDATA[Here's What I think!]]>Wed, 28 Feb 2018 19:13:11 GMThttp://menaresosmart.com/blogs/heres-what-i-thinkIf you're like me, and I know I am...
My eyes are extremely “light-sensitive”.
I never leave the house without sunglasses. Even on a rainy day.
I only wear good glasses. I’ll spend a buttload of dough because I take care of them.
I don’t lose or break them. I keep them in a case. Protect them like an iPhone.
I only wear Ray-Bans. Aviators actually. I rock them as you can clearly see!
At my last license renewal, I was labeled as needing “Corrective Lenses” while driving. Sucks!
It was at that point that I decided I needed to have prescription sunglasses.
In an effort to save a few bucks, the guy at Costco suggested a pair of Ray-banesque looking “knock-offs”.
I tried. Just not the same. My Ray-Bans were an amber hue, the new glasses green. Couldn’t do it.
When I’m driving on a foggy day here in Sacramento, my Ray-Bans cut right through it.
If it’s dusk and that beautiful big red ball is sinking into the horizon… yup! My Ray-Bans!
You can’t beat a great pair of sunglasses! And summer is coming!

Here are the ones I wear:

Buy 'em here:


Here are some others I think are pretty cool!




Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you find it interesting, helpful, and entertaining!

Your buddy,

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Hey Mom! My iPhone screen is cracked again!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this from both of my kids.

Since the inception of cell phones, I’ve probably owned three? That’s it!

How is that possible you might ask? Like you, my phone is an extension of myself. It is rarely out of my sight. I keep it in a protective case. I’ve never had it in my back pocket. I don’t take it near water. 

Now that I think about it, my phone is like a hammer to carpenter. It is in fact a tool that I use every day.

Almost all of my kids are grown. However, not grown enough to pay for a new phone. Mom and Dad still have to do that. I think between the two of them. They’ve probably broke 6 iPhone screens? 

How is that possible?

People wonder why it is that I will spend $200 on a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. “You’re just going to lose them?” they say. So NOT true. I keep my glasses (both prescription) in a case that holds both pair. I wrap them in a soft cleaning microfiber towel before putting them in. They are never scratched and I always know where they are.

So how is it that when people are constantly losing, scratching or breaking theirs?

Well, flash back 50 years or so to when I was a kid growing up in the late 60’s. We really didn’t have much money. At Christmas, we’d get a bike as our big present, but it was used? New to us but… still… used. My Dad would buy it from somebody at McClellan AFB and he’d fix it up! He’s really make it shine. I used to think about how much work my Dad put into the project. It made me always wanted to keep it new and clean and shiny! But mostly because it was mine.

Later in life as I began to play sports in school, when the time came to get new football cleats or basketball shoes, my Dad would say “How much are the new shoes?” I’d say $40? He’d say “here’s $20, you can pay for the rest!” And I would. And I’d take care of them. Why?

Because you don’t fully appreciate something of value that you earned until YOU have to pay for it!

Through time, parents have always wanted to provide for their kids a better life than they had as children. That just perpetuates a vicious cycle that doesn’t teach a lesson? 

We need to STOP giving our children everything they desire. Sure, it’s easier to just give it to them to shut them up. Cave to peer pressure so that your kids aren’t the only ones not to have the latest fad.

The answer?

They need to earn it.

I used to sell fruit from our backyard fruit trees to our neighbors door-to-door. There is always a way you can make money if you just use your head.

They need to make a goal and work towards that goal. Maybe have a matching plan like a company does with a 401k plan? For every dollar they keep in savings, you’ll match it at the end and before they make their purchase.

People do not have respect for things that they didn’t actually pay for. When you wonder why that is? 

Blame it on your parenting!

Lou Gallagher





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<![CDATA[I'M NOT BIG ON MAKING RESOLUTIONS...]]>Tue, 16 Jan 2018 18:28:20 GMThttp://menaresosmart.com/blogs/im-not-big-on-making-resolutionsResolutions shouldn't necessarily be things to stop doing or to get rid of, but instead they should be about embracing a different mindset. 
It's time to drop the bad habits. A purge if you will!
The key is to find what makes you happy and do whatever it takes to get it and keep it. 

Here are some ways to make this the best year of your whole life:

Do something that scares the shit out of you.
Spend time with people who make your life better. 
Allow yourself sleep in sometimes!
Take a day off just because you want to.
Perform a random acts of kindness.
Don't take everything so seriously.
Pick a new hobby that makes you happy.
Don't bring work home with you.
Don't dwell on things you can't change.
Do something that makes you feel accomplished
Make time for yourself.
Finish something you started.
Treat yourself to something you've been wanting forever.
Get rid of things (and people!) you don't need!
Decide what you want, and go f*cking get it.]]>
<![CDATA[Divine Intervention]]>Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:45:17 GMThttp://menaresosmart.com/blogs/divine-intervention​Thursday, January 11, 2018 

I had a moment of “Divine Intervention” this week.

Have you ever, in an emotional state, banged out an email or message to someone that would completely change the dynamics of a friendship upon their receiving it? Things you wrote that were absolutely the truth, but so hurtful in context.

And in your fit of rage, you hit send anyway? With total disregard for the other person’s feelings?

I did that Friday night.

Person A asked me via email if I would please not discuss something very specific in front of Person B for fear that they might see their sub-par efforts on a project.

My feelings were such that this person would not have put themselves in that position had they just done their job properly in the first place.

I practically handed this very lucrative project to Person A, and he/she really just goes through the motions and collects the money. Money, for all intents and purposes, really should be going directly to me. Oh, and that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of schmoozing going on. But this person is all about the sizzle and as it would appear, very little steak.

It was Friday night, so… I hit send.

Throwing caution to the wind… I hit send!

And so it began. My heart became roommates with my stomach, for the whole weekend. What would the repercussions be? You know that feeling? When you actually pull the trigger and hit SEND!

Had a busy Saturday and worked for most of the day with it constantly in the back of my mind. Sunday was much quieter but yes, it was right there with me.

Why hadn’t this person replied? Was all this anxiety worth it?

I woke up Monday morning and figured this person was probably devastated by my harsh words. That’s when I remembered that I had forwarded this message from my work email, to my home email so I thought they might have sent the reply there! Either way, I expected to see some sort of retort.

I got to work and immediately opened my inbox.

There it was!

My message had been sent to me and not Person A. When I forwarded it, instead of replying to them, I had replied to myself. All of my communique was sent to myself. That’s why they didn’t reply?

All of this because I hit SEND. On a Friday night. After a few beers.

The moral????

You can't put toothpaste back into the tube. You can’t take back words. You can't go back! 

I will never do that again.

Devine intervention and lesson learned.